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The internal dynamics represent the organization of all forces, internal as well as external,
that influence the vehicles: the creative control of the horizonal and vertical gravity forces, in het eigentijdspunt in het interaktie tussen en in de materie van stabiliteit in beweging

The designers J.W. Griffites en A. J. Gielens, both in their own period, 19th en 21st century, create "The Rainbow" and "Breaking", the most revolutionary and fastest marine craft of their time.

SKUA - SAILOR Register of intellectual and industrial property nș A-28.67

At its bottom side the boat is equipped with an essential element, which is the keel wing. This keel wing is mounted approximately at half of the length, starting from the prow of the boat. The keel wing has a vertical and a horizontal component. The vertical component 6 determines the distance between the boat's keel and the ski 7 which forms the horizontal component of the keel wing.

The keel wing shows forms which can clearly be seen in the figures 4 and 5.

A side view of the keel wing shows a form which is rounded-off towards the ski 7 while seen in front view it is elongated sharply towards the front. The middle part of the keel wing broadens towards the backside. From an hydrodynamic point of view more alternatives of the keel wing than showed in the figures can be formed. The essential function of the ski 7 of the keel wing is to lift the boat when the speed increases. The keel wing, at least its vertical component, plays an important part in the directional stability. 

The keel which wich compared to the whole boat, is very small in size, has been calculated and designed thus to have a hydrodynamic function, which brings the resistance of the SKUA to a minimum. 

Results under PATENT N° J.G. 345.406 

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