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The internal dynamics represent the organization of all forces, internal as well as external,
that influence the vehicles: the creative control of the horizonal and vertical gravity forces, in het eigentijdspunt in het interaktie tussen en in de materie van stabiliteit in beweging

The designers J.W. Griffites en A. J. Gielens, both in their own period, 19th en 21st century, create "The Rainbow" and "Breaking", the most revolutionary and fastest marine craft of their time.

WING IN GROUND EFFECT - A bit of history  

We write 1984:

At present, three technologies of revolutionary amphi aircrafts, designed to skim over
the water at low height have been developped.

A prototype called "Ekranoplan", designed by the Russians, is being tested at this moment and will make use of what is called in terms of aerodynamics the "surface effect". This craft is being operated by two screws that turn in opposite direction and which are mounted on the upper side of the vertical tail-plane. In the nose of the craft, there are two jet-engines, of which the exhaust-stream is blown under the wings to obtain the cushion effect.

The same technology is used by the Japanese in theire Kawasaki Programme.

In the USA, Collins Corporation constructed the X-112 based on Lippish's technology.
This technology was taken over by the German aircraft industry FOKKER, first with the two-sitter X-113 and later with a second prototype X-114 of the Fokker-department Rhein Flugzeugbau. This "airfoil-boat", so it was called, was a craft for six persons. Lippish is based on a "driving wing". The air is being compressed by the forward speed by a special wing to form the air cushion, by which the vehicle can fly low over the water. There is heard but very little of this X-114.

From the end of the seventies in the Agora Department of the Universidad Libre de Las Colinas, various programmes are being tested, on the basis of the "Dynamic Stability". The mechanic models and laws have there been left for a great part, and the Hydrogen-technology is being developped. It seems that only this technology solves the problems that are inherent to the wing-in-ground-effect. Until at present, Western specialists had not really believed that flying on surface effect could be usefull, but it appears that the Russian prototype is being followed anxiously by Nato specialists and the different developments of these surface-effect crafts are being closely observed.

We write 1993:

"Any talk about the future has to include a paragraph on WIGS. To those of you who have had any exposure to wing in ground effect crafts, the advantages of these vessels are totally clear. The wig represents the ultimate fast vessel. I have absolutely no doubt that by early in the next century they will be common place. They are able to provide high speed, comfort and, above all else, efficiency. That cannot be touched by any other form of high speed transportation. There is no doubt that, whatever else the future lies with such crafts.
(Max Martin, on the 9th High Speed Surface Craft Conference in Singapore.)

We write 2009

Technology marine craft, manipulatyion of gravity (see prototype Breaking) integrated by the University of Alicante as a partner in the Interprise Europe Network for the transfer of technology.

The high integrity of the design is being named, whils whilst all agreed that this is the most innovative marine craft "Breaking", design by Jan Gielens.

Uit het basisonderzoek (Agora Department) vloeinde kow how , zwaartekracht manupilaties: waar het gaat om een fysische elektrische-magnetische gravitationaliteit die een elektronisch gedrag vertonen en die in interaktie tussen en in ruimte en materie een dynamisch patroon vertonen,van stabiliteit en beweging, deze krachten mobiliseren en vormen in hun wil naar "dynamische stabiliteit " in een creatie.

The know how arose from the basic research at the Agora department on manipulating gravity at the Agora department , where a physical electro-magnetic gravitationality is concerned that shows an electronic behaviour and that, in interaction between and in space and matter shows a dynamic patron of stability and motion. To mobilize these powers and to form them in their will to " dynaic stability" in a creation.

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