The "Creation of the Free Will" cannot be understood within the relativistic framework, because the classical standards are not present here. This creation, which fluctuates from out a bi-, and three-dimensionality into a multi-dimensionality, has got a physical reality between existence and non-existence, in an uninterrupted rhythmical movement in the emptiness towards the universe.
Intensifying itself in its own-ness, weakening, rising and descending, just as the course of the 6+1=7 physical, transparent pillars will bring, from which this work of art builds itself, creating, through the energy of light waves and particles which are carried by hydrogens in the ionosphere, crossing the intervals.

The universal creative capacity of cosmic understanding creates a domination of light waves and particles, energy, carried by hydrogens in the ionosphere, and discharges itself into a multi-transparency in a fluctuation over parts of Europe and North Africa.
The top of the perpendicular is situated on the 10 th degree of longitude at 1.559 Km height, whereas the basis lies on the 35 th degree latitude, and the own-ness is situated at 310 Km height.
The beginning is the only natural, creative gesture of man in relation with matter, which unites an absolute and specific earth spot with a specific human mind.

This artwork is a pulsing process of poetry and science, a creation of rhythm and movement in continuous change, in its parts (the sites), that form a whole (the sum of all the sites), -one in its totality- and that have at the same time a function on their own as separate artworks.

Nevertheless, it is known that the behaviour of wholes is more than the sum of its parts. The capacity of each individual site is increased by the capacity of the united whole.

It is a total, transparant, monume


ntal artwork in the multidimensionality, that at the same time was, is and will be alive. Thus determined by the author. In the separate identities (the sites) all own things will blossom, plenty, nameable, returning always to their origin and forming part of this monumental artwork. The Creation of the Free Will (you´re leaving this wevbsite)

The sculptures/installations and landart shown hereafter are separate artworks that art a part of THE CREATION OF THE FREE WILL.

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